10 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

1. Living Proof Dry Shampoo
This has become my new #1! Before I started dying my hair, I would wash it every day. I’ve always been told it’s so bad to wash your hair everyday and have been repeatedly told not to. This is SO HARD for me!! My hair is extremely thin and gets greasy very easily. I have tried every dry shampoo possible and this is truly the only one that works. If you have very thin hair, you know the struggle! Since I am doing the transition from washing everyday to trying to go four days without washing, I rely on this stuff! It smells amazing and doesn’t make my hair feel dirty!

2. Buddha Butter
Living in Nevada means dry, dry, dry. I recently went to Seattle and found the most amazing lotion I’ve ever owned! I found it at a little shop in Pike Place Market. I went through one tub in about two months. I hate wearing lotion that makes my body feel greasy or sticky! This stuff is a dream, it makes your skin feel amazing without the greasy feeling. I love that I am also able to understand what every ingredient is. Luckily they sell their product online! I’ve linked their website to shop this product!

3. Eos Shave Cream
I don’t know how people shave their legs without anything! Ever since I discovered Eos shave lotion, I’ve never used anything else! It smells amazing and is like shaving your legs with body butter! There are three different scents but my favorite is definitely the pink bottle!

4. Origins Night-A-Mins
This is another product I rely on to keep me from shriveling up! I’ve always had dry skin, so I’ve been through a few different face lotions. This night cream is pricier but one tub will last me about six to eight months. I like a face lotion that doesn’t feel thick. This lotion is thin and leaves your face feeling refreshed. If you live in Nevada, you understand how important all lotions are!

5. Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Liner
I’ve been using the same eye liner since I started wearing makeup! Eye makeup can be very tricky for me because I am allergic to waterproof products. This eye liner is my favorite! I love it because it lasts all day long. It always came in handy when I would cheer long games and sweat! If you have sensitive eyes, this is a good eye liner to try!

6. Mac Prep+Prime
I never thought about a setting spray until I started to cheer! After long games it was important to have this because your makeup wouldn’t run! Now I love wearing it for long days at work. I love how lightweight and refreshing it is. You just spray it over your makeup and go! It makes your skin feel really hydrated!

7. Naked 2 Basics
I love all Urban Decay eye shadow palettes but this has to be one of my favorites! Ever since I stopped cheering, it’s rare to see me in a full face of makeup. I love this pallete because it gives you six essential colors. I don’t wear eyeshadow so I love being able to use their nude colors when I want to add a little to my makeup!

8. Neutrogena Sunscreen

Supergoop Powder

Supergoop Setting Mist

This is essential to my daily routine. Not many people think about putting on sunscreen before they start their days. During the summertime I use Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch 55! I love this for the summer time because I am able to wear it under my makeup. It so sheer that it doesn’t make you feel greasy. I use this instead of a primer in the summertime. Also not many people think about wearing sunscreen in the winter! Supergoop offers a lot of products that protect you in the summer and winter! They have an awesome setting power, setting spray, and other products that can be worn with makeup! I like this product better for winter because I’m not outside as much but I am still getting the protection I need!

9. Wet Brush
If you have thin hair you also know the struggle of knots. I can put on a sweater and have the largest knot in my hair after five minutes. After washing my hair…. I can expect to spend fifteen to twenty minutes trying to brush through it. My west brush is life saving! I recently started using it and I don’t know how I brushed my hair without it! It makes a HUGE difference. If you have trouble with knots, you need a wet brush!

10. Agave Lip Mask

Bite Cashew

Mac Nudes

When I was a teenager I always associated lipstick with older ladies. I always pictured it as something you wore when you went to fancy dinners in fur coats. Once I grew up, I realized how important lipstick is. I like that even if you decide to go with a little makeup, lipstick can make a huge difference! My favorite brand of lipstick right now it Bite! They also have an amazing agave lip mask that helps repair your lips!

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Meet Nicole

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