Spring Feels

It started to feel like spring in Reno and I was having all the warm weather feels. Now it’s snowing and 32 again! Reno weather is so unpredictable but It doesn’t bother me, life needs an element of surprise anyway 😉  This photo was taken it Tahoe on February 3rd and it was about 60 degrees, it was beautiful and had me a little too excited for spring. With spring right around the corner, I wanted to share my spring picks!

All The Blush

Is anyone else the type of person that has specific colors for each season? I refuse to wear pink in the fall and winter! Once the end of February hits and March begins, I’m in full-blown blush mode! Spring is all about soft pastels and I’m loving blush!


The perfect shoes for transitioning into the warm weather seasons. I love mules because they are a mix of boots and summer shoes, easy to slip on and off! Plus they can go with just about anything!

Soft makeup

I’ve always been about the less makeup the better. Of course for special events, I throw on a little more makeup. On a daily basis, I like wear light makeup and try not to wear much to work. I will do a daily makeup post in the next few weeks sharing my favorite “natural” makeup products. For right now here are my spring makeup picks! 


Jackets, pants, shirts, dresses, all the denim! I’ve really been loving Levis lately, they fit perfectly and they last forever! They are a bit pricey but I can promise the quality is worth the price! If Levi’s has been making jeans for 145 years now, you can count on them being quality jeans! They know what they are doing!  I’m also loving the 80’s look with my jeans and Levi is the perfect brand for that look! 


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Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole

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