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1.Sierra Belle Boutique

Affordable, trendy, cutest clothes! The new and booming boutique that everyone is talking about. I’ve had a hard time finding cute boutiques in Reno that don’t cost a fortune until this one opened! They are welcoming and always there to help you find what you need! Plus there’s doggies and who doesn’t want to shop with cute dogs? Located next to Two Chicks in Midtown. 

Sierra Belle Boutique

2. The Niche 

For trendy clothes and cute home decor. Every time I go into the Niche, I am never disappointed! They always have up to date clothing at reasonable prices. Located next to Costco on E Plum Lane. 

The Niche

3. Larkellen Lifestyle Boutique 

For the cutest Nevada/Tahoe home decor and clothing. It’s the perfect spot to get a gift for someone. It’s located in Arlington Gardens with other cute little shops. I bought my boyfriend whiskey stones in the shape of Nevada and he loves them! 

Larkellen Reno

4. Swoon Bridal 

The cutest bridal boutique with the best dresses in town! I’ve been here twice in the past year and loved the experience. The staff is so welcoming and adorable. My best friend got her wedding dress there and it was truly breathtaking. I’ve also gotten two bridesmaids dresses from there which I will for sure wear again!
Located on W Plum Lane. 

Swoon Bridal

5. Pretty Little Paper Co. 

The perfect place for all your paper needs! If you are looking for cute invitations this the place to get them! I got my best friends bridal shower invites from Pretty Little Paper Co and I was obsessed! She really works hard to make sure that you love every detail of what you are getting! You will not be disappointed with whatever she creates for you! 

Pretty Little Paper Co.

6. Strange Bikinis

If you are local you know all about Strange Bikinis! Ali has built her business from the ground up and has done a phenomenal job! If you aren’t local, you need to check them out! I own about four of their bikinis because they are that amazing! You can also mix and match them. If you are looking for a quality bikini that will last you, Strange is definitely worth the purchase! They are located on Dickerson Road! You can check out one of their cute bikinis in my Home Means Nevada post! 

Strange Bikinis

7. The Wedding Library

The wedding library is an awesome place if you are getting married! They provide you with information on local vendors. They also sell and buy wedding decor. It’s not only a wedding store, if you are looking for a gift they sell a lot of cute gifts! Located next to Bath and Body Works at the Summit Mall. 

The Wedding Library

8.The Biggest Little Fashion Truck

Pop up shopping with up-to-date clothing! It’s an amazing idea! Who doesn’t like the new trend of food trucks? A fashion truck is even better. You can easily go online and check where they will be next! They also provide private events which can easily be scheduled online! 

The Biggest Little Fashion Truck

9. Pink Blush Bar 

I got lashes about a year ago and once you start, you’ll never go back! Pink Blush Bar is the cutest little place. They offer a lot of services but I go there for lashes! I’m obsessed with my lashes and would never go anywhere else! All the girls there are amazing and make sure that you love your lashes! Located next to the GSR. 

Pink Blush Bar

10. Healthy Tails 

For the pup, it’s a boutique located in the Mayberry Landing shopping center. They carry unique pet accessories, baked treat, and any other needs for your pet. I went Christmas shopping here for Brody and they have the cutest Christmas toys. Brody already found one of his toys which was hot chocolate with squeaky marshmallows and he is obsessed! We wake up to squeaking marshmallows in our face everyday! 

Healthy Tails

11. Natural Paws

Another store for the pets! It’s located on Wedge Parkway towards Galena. This is also another favorite of mine. It is a family run business and they are the sweetest people! I went here for Brodies birthday and they have the best selection of healthy choices! They also have a huge selection of bones which happen to be his favorite. He was definitely a happy dog on his birthday! 

Natural Paws

12. Rock Farm 

One of my favorite places to shop for home decor, holiday decor, or the perfect spot to get a gift for someone! If you have a farmhouse theme, you’ll love this place! I had to stop myself from buying everything in the store! Located next to Sephora at the Summit Mall. 

13. Elegant Avenue Interiors 

For home decor and custom interior designing! I popped in here one day and was surprised by their amazing selection! I ended up walking out with a bunch of goodies for my house. Highly recommend checking it out for your home! Located at the Summit Mall towards the old Apple store.

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Meet Nicole

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